Chatway Live

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:- Can I give a feedback for the last chat I had with an executive?

Answer:- Yes, We truly value your feedback. The Grading option makes you evaluate your experience and allows you to Operator Rating System for improving our customer service.

Question:- Is it possible to send messages to online customers/users?

Answer:- Yes. Chat way makes it possible for you to track online users and send them messages to enhance user experience and boost sales.

Question:- Can I create groups for similar sets of users?

Answer:- Chat way allows you to create groups for an easy operation. Groups are one of the permission system portals. To create a group, first go to groups list and then click on the create group icon to start a group chat.

Question:- How can i check the status of the chats?

Answer:- When a user initiates a chat, it appears as pending in the administration panel. The then available chat executive will start the chat and give it an active status. After resolving the issue, the responsible executive closes the chat, which is then displayed as a closed on the administration panel.

Question:- Can I get a free trial before making the actual purchase?

Answer:- Yes, Chat way gives you a 7-days free trial to understand the system better.

Question:- What are the pricing plans?

Answer:- Chat way brings you a wide range of plans to choose from:-

 Plan   Paid Annually

 1 Operator - $75 [7 Days Free]
 3 Operators - $225
 10 Operators - $750
 15 Operators - $1100

Question:- Is it possible to entertain users with different language?

Answer:- Yes, Chat Way brings you this amazing feature, which helps you translate user's language into your native language for better assistance.

Question:- Is it possible to redirect calls to other operator?

Answer:- Yes, you can redirect calls to others in our company. This saves you and the customer a lot of time and money. It is also possible to initiate a 24/7 operator-to-operator chat.

Question:- Can I link chat way live to my email?

Answer:- Yes, now you can link your chat with your email to make it 100% secure and risk free. By using this feature all the chat receipts and tickets will directly go to your email.

Question:- Is it possible to keep a track of customers and customer's problems?

Answer:- Yes, Chat Way brings you this fabulous feature that helps you track and monitor the inflow of customers. It also helps you monitor a customer's problem in an easy, non-invasive way.

Question:- How can I cancel my service?

Answer:- You can cancel your service anytime after the free trial is over. The 'Provide Support' feature makes this task simpler and easier for you.

Question:- What are the software requirements to use Chat way?

Answer:- Chat way does not have any specific software requirements.

Question:- Is it possible to get user inputs before starting a chat?

Answer:- Yes, Chat way makes it possible for the operator to get user inputs before the start of the chat. This changes both operator's and user's time.

Question:- How can i add chat way window in my website?

Answer:- Chat way script is very easy and user friendly. The Easy script option integrates into the website.