Live Chat Support Tool For Customer

ChatWay Live always present for your customers

A great number of our buying decisions are based on convenience; the more convenient the product is the more chances are that it would be preferred by customers. In the same manner when a customer finds this place where all his queries are addressed right away, it would become very unlikely for him to drift to your competitor.

Person - to - Person interactions users on your website

When it comes to establishing a regular camaraderie with the customer, nothing beats the person to person communication. This also ensures a better client satisfaction rate.

Get Feedback Ranking by users and use that grade to get better

Visitors get an opportunity to rate their chat experience. This makes them feel altogether more welcomed, significant and helpful through improvements in order to enhance the end user experience.

Your Name, In Lights through awesome service

The leading programs allow you to completely customize your chat icons, pop-up windows and invitation screens with your company logo. Very soon our new upgrade will also allow you to customize your operator logo.

Get Android App feature on its way

With Smart phones easily accessible by all, our dedicated team is also working towards developing a mobile application and Chat way live will soon be just a finger touch away. Our android app feature will eliminate the cost of hiring operators in multiple shifts and you could simply receive all queries on your mobile. What's more? You can answer to them from wherever you are. Sit tight and watch out for it!

Customize your Window Look & Feel

Change Design & Style of window .


Live Support Tool For Operator

Sending messages to on-line users

This feature ensures that online users stay aware about the efficient service of Chat way live across all channels.

Solve Online Clients cases quickly and efficiently

An online chat With waiting time much less than a normal call centre, an online chat system is much more proficient as it also provides the option of multi- tasking while waiting.

Working with groups Working with roles Working with users Working with departaments

Groups are one of the permission system portal. It hold users. To create group first you have go to groups list and click create group icon. Roles holds assigned modules functions.

Operator To Operator chat 24/7 support

At times customers look for the easiest and the most inexpensive way to contact you and they are unable to make a call from where they are. Chat way live comes in really helpful in such a scenario. An operator will be available 24 x 7 to interact with your customers right away. In case of a persisting query another operator will respond as soon as the customers messages are read.

Use ChatWay Live with user friendly easy tools

Our wide array of integration options allows you to directly add clients to your control panel from the pop-up chat window. You can easily connect other tools with our wide ranged integrations.

Chat Status Pending Active Closed

Very easy to identify the chat status when the user initiates chat, it shows as pending in the administration panel to which the responsible person (operator)types in the solution further changing the chat status to active. Once the operator has closed the window the status goes closed.


Live Support Tool For Admin

All Clients , Users and Operator at a glance

 Get a clear report of your through the collection of the most important statistics from the Excel Backup. 

Chatbox module frequently manage your support team

 Create new operator accounts, give operators specific tasks . 

Feedback grade improve chat quality

Where grades are concerned improvements are bound to happen. Our well tailored feedback provision for operators enables us to keep a constant measure of their performance. The easiest way to improve an operators performance is to introduce him/her to the grading process so that they know how they performed.